3 day Men’s Retreat


Tintern Farm Wales

18th October – 20th October 2024

Step forward into nature, to connect with the earth, with your essence, and dive deep with a supportive non-judgemental group of men. 

Over 3 days this powerful nurturing container will hold you so you can truly hold yourself, to know and embody your authentic power.  

Together we will remove the shame that has held you back from being your most impactful and loving self in the world.

Unlocking the wild man within will enable you to explore, know, reclaim and integrate the parts of yourself that are not yet fully embodied. 

The parts of you that you were told are unacceptable, are welcome in this life changing container.

The wild man that you repressed to fit in with society’s expectations will become realized and empowered, so you can step forward and do what needs to be done to set the course for your greater evolution as an embodied man.

This is for you if...

What we will cover...

Integrity – sharing openly to feel seen, heard and empowered in your truth. From here the accountability of the container will support you to be able to step into the growth of your integrity.

Embodiment – through powerful embodied practices the space will be created for you to release repressed emotions that are keeping you stuck in your head. Bringing you into your heart to reconnect with your inner boy and validate his wild nature, to reclaim your wholeness.
Regulation – through yoga and pranayama you will learn to self-regulate and feel safe within your body so you can integrate everything that is revealed.

Psychology – bridging the gap between your inner boy and the whole man. Through mirroring and loving challenge, I will guide you into deeper self-awareness and honesty so you can hold the boy to embody the man.

Fun and Joy – As you move through the layers of shadow and reclaim the parts of yourself that have been forgotten you will definitely have fun, I promise you. The release of anger, sadness and grief will give way to the expansion of joy in your heart. There is nothing more fulfilling to a man that sharing in this joy with other men.
Kingdom – setting the course of action for the next phase of your life. What you are committing to! What must go! What is your next edge for growth! What do you truly want for your life! It’s time to call it in!


One of my greatest lessons I’ve learned within these spaces is the vital importance of Integration. I will help you open yourself up emotionally and ensure you are sufficiently held after the process so you can Integrate fully from what has transpired. 

There is nothing that brings more joy to my heart than being able to serve your growth as a man. So if your heart resonates with my heart, and you trust that I am the man to lead you into what needs to be unearthed and embodied….

Spaces are limited to 10 men.

Exchange – £675